All About Amy (part 5)


So I’ve just had my son, I’m recovering. The bleeding sucks, still tired all the time. Adjusting to life with a baby is difficult. Not to mention the relationship is still tenuous to say the least. Every once in awhile we get a little free time, when JJ is asleep and I’m not trying to pass out too.

We’re a nerdy couple, we like video games and computer related stuff. So I  the time we get to relax a bit, we played a game online together. We both liked the game a lot so we tried to play it at every chance we got.

At this point in time, Rekoh and I have been together for about a year and a half tops. We just had a baby. And we haven’t really had a “normal” relationship up to this point.

Now, I don’t know if you’re aware; but when you play an online game you meet people from all over the world. Well, Rekoh and I met one person in peticular who made an impact on our life.

We’ll call her S. Now S becomes our friend. She plays the game a lot too. S tells us that she lives in California. (That’s the opposite side of the country). What’s there to worry about?

Unfortunately not all women honor ‘The Code’. There are such women, horrible women, that I like to refer to as homewreckers.

Well for about the first 6 months or so of my sons life, S tried to worm herself in between Rekoh and I. At times when I would nap to catch up on sleep, or just because I was worn out. S would try to get Rekoh in private skype calls. Or send him flirty messages. She even went so far as to send him nudes and tell him “I’d like to push your wife off a cliff and raise your son”

Well I’m sure you know I wasn’t very happy when I found out what she was doing. Arguments insued. But eventually when we were done fighting with each other, Rekoh cut ties with her. And S becomes nothing but a bad memory.



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