All About Amy (part 3)


So off I was into the next chapter of my life. Not an easy chapter by far. But well worth it in the end..

We (my ex’s friend, who we’ll refer to as Rekoh from now on and myself) were on the road, Maryland in the rear view Pennsylvania up ahead. We were headed to Rekoh’s moms house (not many places to go on such short notice). It was weird meeting his mother for me, we’ve only been “in a relationship” for a few days. Not to mention everything that just happened…

So naturally I was a bit anxious, I was silent most of the ride…crying the rest. Many men would have had many kinds of reactions to something like that, but Rekoh just let me be. When I was ready to talk, he talked to me.

When we arrived I was greeted by a trailer surrounded by woods. Now i know some of you may be like ‘ugh a dump! But I grew up a little bit redneck I suppose. I thought all the trees were beautiful, and it helped me feel more at home over time.

Over the first few months Rekoh and I had grown to dislike each other a lot. In fact, if just another month had passed, we more than likely would have said our good byes. But as  it turns out, just an ordinary day comes along. Rekoh’s mother comes to me, “Have you had your period this month?” i replied something along the lines of “i think so, i dunno” with a shrug.  I thought that was the end of it. But later in the afternoon this woman comes back with a pregnancy test!  I’m all -.-‘    but I take the test, figure if anything it’ll get her off my back about it. Rekoh and I argue more then anything else. I’m not pregnant.

BOY, was I ever wrong! (i know, you seen that coming)


Next time I’ll tell you all about my pregnancy with my son.

Have any “Oh Shit!” pregnancy story’s to share?

Leave it in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!


One thought on “All About Amy (part 3)

  1. an unexpected way to start your pregnancy journey, since you said “over the first few months Rekoh and you had grown to dislike each other a lot”, so I’m getting curious and would like to read the next part of your story

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