All about Amy

Well now that I’m  (hopefully temporarily) a full time mom I have a little free time. And I decided that I’d like to do a sort of advice column type thing. But I need people to ask questions before I can answer them so these first few posts will tell you a little about me. Things I have experienced good and bad. To start with we’ll focus on my journey from teen to adult. Here it goes…

My childhood was what you can expect from  just about any poor family. We lived in a trailer, in the country. It was my mom, my step-father, myself and my 5 sisters. (Big family right?)

As you would expect, things didn’t always go smoothly. There were plenty of fights over what belonged to who and such. But also fun times out, we lived just 5 miles or so from an amusement park.

My second oldest sister (step-sister) was the first to leave. I don’t remember all the dirty details but she ended up having a problem with my mother, and so moved to Florida with her biological mother.

Next to go was my youngest step-sister. She left to live with her boyfriend and his mom around our senior year in highschool. Followed shortly by my oldest sister, who got married to a marine.

It was  around this time that my mom and my step-dad spilt up. They had had their troublesite before, but I suppose now that his kids were out on their own..

After they split up my mom started dating other men, well more specifically one man. He lived with us for a bit then me my mom and my sisters moved to his house.

Next to go was my sister Liz. To put it simply, she had problems and my mother couldn’t handle her anymore.

And then me.

I had found my first love. I moved out of my mom’s house at the ripe age of 17 to be with this guy. (And yes, I used guy instead of man on purpose) So I moved in with him. Thing we’re great for 2-3 months. But what it came down to was this guy wanting to “take a break” because my mom liked to “twist things and cause drama” (what he really ment was “I found someone else, and I’m putting you on the back burner until I see how things play out”)

Things officially ended when I call to chat one day and see if he needed any help in the new house he had purchased. That was when I was oh so kindly I formed that he had in fact found had someone else and we were done. The first heartbreak is always hard but I think the way mine went down affected me a bit differently.

For the next 2 or 3 years roughly, I dated several men. Some of them quite nice. But they all ended the same way. At the time ever I don’t think I realized what I was doing, but after about 2-3 months I would find a way to push them away. If the normal arguments didn’t work, then I cheated. Yes I cheated, on more then one guy.

It wasn’t until I met a nice man online that I started to change my ways… and that my friends is a story for next time.

Please, share my blog. This is just the start. I’m not sure how it looks at them moment but I will be fiddling with the way it looks and I will have a place for people to comment or sent me anonymous questions or request for advice that I will do my best to answer.


Have a great day!



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